Wave wireless keyboard. Technologies wireless.

Wave Wireless Keyboard

wave wireless keyboard

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My 'Home Office' set-up

My 'Home Office' set-up

It's a basic hodge podge of things, but it's what i normally have on my desk. I spend most of my time at this desk, I record podcasts, write blog posts, edit video & audio. Sort of a collection of everything, which is why there's a little bit of everything.

The desk itself is just a recycled wal*mart desk from when I was a kid.

The Monitor Shelf I made with a shelf from Home Depot and 6 door stoppers.

Corner office

Corner office

My favorite thing here has to be the Airport Express—it allows me to connect to my NAS and/or output audio through the Bose speakers wirelessly from any computer on the network (who really needs desktop speakers?).

If I could get rid of all the wires/cables, I would... there is a CAT-6 cable running along the floor so that I get gigabit speeds when I am plugged in.

wave wireless keyboard

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